When it comes to subject of Android 4.0 ICS upgrade, the lesser known (compared to the flagship S) Samsung Galaxy R has not been forgotten by Samsung. Released last year as the more affordable alternative to the Galaxy S2, the Galaxy R is scheduled to receive the new firmware in August, though no specific date was given. By a stroke of luck, a Galaxy R owner has received Ice Cream Sandwich on his phone ahead of everyone else, thanks to the company’s mishap.

The story is that he took his Galaxy R to Samsung service center in Sweden. Upon receiving the unit back, he noted that his Samsung Galaxy R now runs Ice Cream Sandwich. To be exact, he got the unreleased Android 4.0.4 firmware. And of course, it’s only natural that the good news was shared with the rest of the Android community.

So while an official OTA update may be around the corner, those who can’t bear a minute longer to wait for the update from Samsung can check the thread at XDA, where you can download and install the leaked ICS firmware (build number IMM76D). Prior knowledge of using CWM is a must.

We’re not sure if the leak was intentional or not, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. Are you going to jump the gun and install the leaked ICS firmware? Or will you wait for the OTA update?