Samsung has been working hard to push the Galaxy Note as the next big thing, with the  tech mammoth spending millions to secure that prestigious Super Bowl slot, earlier this year. Given this intense marketing push, Samsung’s decision to make the Galaxy Note available on only one carrier is rather puzzling.

However, it appears that AT&T can soon kiss that Galaxy Note exclusivity goodbye. Well, kinda… If the crafty hands and bright minds of the developers at XDA have their way, T-Mobile customers won’t have to keep that phablet envy in for too long – solutions have been found to make the Galaxy Note run on T-Mobile’s network, without a hitch.

Truth is, the internals of the Galaxy Note makes it more than capable of running on T-Mobile, or any other GMS network for that matter. The only thing that keeps the Note withing AT&T’s yard is the default modem software, which is coded to run only on AT&T. Needless to say, that was exactly the point of entry that developers used to make the Note compatible with T-Mobile.

If you want to take your chance and make the network switch, you can either take the easy route and flash the Note with the files provided by XDA, or the harder route, by editing the modem configuration file yourself. The latter is not recommended for those who don’t consider themselves experts in rooting, flashing, and everything related.

While folks have reported great success with the Note hack, there is one problem that you should know. Apparently, the solution tends to affect the reception quality of the Note, but not to the point where it’s unusable. Also, keep in mind that rooting your Galaxy Note is a necessary part of the hack. If you don’t know what that is, then this post is probably not for you. As for those who want to brave the technique, the standard word of precaution applies.

Let us know your experience with the Galaxy Note. Would you consider jumping to T-Mo?