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Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen SDK version 2.2 now available; brings improvements to hovering, drawing and more

Samsung has released an update to their S Pen SDK. This update brings the SDK up to version 2.2 and with that comes some bug fixes as well as some improvements to the hovering and drawing features as well as to other existing features.
October 9, 2012

Samsung has recently released an update for their S Pen SDK. And while this one is not something that the end user will need to pay direct attention to, it should lead to some eventual improvements for the end user. Well, specifically for the end user that happens to be sporting a Galaxy Note. This of course, includes the Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2 as well as the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet.

The latest release of the S Pen SDK has arrived as v2.2 and along with the new version number, developers will have lots of improvements to existing features as well as some fixes for the bugs that were showing up in v2.1. Some of the feature improvements deal with hovering and drawing-related features.

Samsung also changed the sample app for developers. The sample app was previously sample apps. As in more than one app. Beginning with the S Pen SDK v2.2, Samsung now has one app that breaks the new features down in a list format. Some of the items demonstrated in this sample app include changing hover points, linking hover and pop-up windows.

Some of these perks will be available for all Galaxy Note devices and some of the S Pen SDK v2.2 features are limited to specific devices. An interesting and speculative comment here, Samsung often commented about specific items begin available for the “Note 2 or later” which seems to imply they plan to continue the Note lineup. Possible with a Note 3 sometime in the future. Of course, we have already seen rumors of another Galaxy Note tablet. One that could compete with the 7-inch Nexus 7.