Galaxy TabPro12.2 vs GalaxyNotePro 12.2

Looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro will soon make its way to Verizon’s LTE network, complete with giant logos.

A new leak from @evleaks shows the Galaxy Note Pro with two giant Verizon logos on the back, just below the camera. There’s not much else to go on from the leak, except that the tablet will definitely come in black on Verizon, and it still looks ridiculously huge.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro will start at $750 for the Wi-Fi model, but there’s no price announced for the LTE model just yet. Expect the full price to be closer to $1000 given the usual price increases for cellular radios. Verizon may cut the price a bit with a subsidized two-year contract, but it’s tablet subsidies typically only take $100 off the price of the tablet, which isn’t really worth the hassle.

verizon samsung galaxy note pro

Because it will have LTE radios, it’s likely that Verizon’s version of the Galaxy Note Pro will use Qualcomm processor instead of the Samsung Exynos in the Wi-Fi model. Everything else should remain the same, however. The tablet will still have a ridiculously huge 12.2-inch display, and will still use the new Magazine UX that borrows some elements of Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

Those who don’t want to wait for Verizon to announce the gigantic Samsung tablet will have to wait until the March release of the Wi-Fi model.

Do you plan on picking up one of Samsung’s enormous tablets?