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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge hands-on

We are at IFA, in Berlin, where Samsung has announced the Galaxy Note Edge. We have had our fait hands-on time with it. Come and see our first impressions.
September 3, 2014

Samsung is known for being adventurous and not shying away from new technologies. The manufacturer has been all over Youm (flexible displays) for some time, and their latest product incorporates it in a very unique way. The rumors of the edge displays have finally become true!

We are at IFA, in Berlin, where Samsung has announced the Galaxy Note Edge. We have had some hands-on time with it and can tell you it’s not as bad as we usually consider these first-of-a-kind smartphones to be.

samsung galaxy note edge 12

The Plastic-based AMOLED display looks great and the edge brings a whole set of unique features. The device keeps similar specs and identical features compared to the mighty Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Save for the obviously larger screen. That means you get all the new Note 4-specific changes like improved multi-tasking and new S-Pen features as well as some Edge-specific additions as well.

Aside from bringing us a different look on the front/side thanks to the Edge display, Samsung has also moved its now-iconic right-side power button to the top. Otherwise, the design is relatively similar to the Note 4, complete with faux leather on the back.

As for the screen?The edge part of the screen can be used for notifications, playback controls, news, sports scores and it can even become a night clock that can be used without turning on the ‘main’ part of the display – thanks to the fact it is an AMOLED screen.

samsung galaxy note 4 s pen stylus 5

Of course, the user is not limited to functions or customizability. You can turn on or off whatever panels you prefer, and then simply swipe left or right to display different ones.

You can also set edge app shortcuts for easy access. Developers can create better functionality, which is why Samsung is releasing an SDK. We are not sure if it will be worth developers’ time, though, as it seems this device won’t reach many. Of course, this could just be the beginning and we could see more devices from Samsung and others with this sort of technology in the not-too-distant future.

samsung galaxy note edge x aa 3

Samsung plans to release the Galaxy Note Edge as a limited edition product, available only for certain markets. And while the features are awesome, we don’t find the design to be the best. It’s hard to hold the device without activating the screen (thanks to the edge display), making it difficult to use one-handed. Not to mention, it does feel a bit heavier.

No word on pricing or exactly what markets the device will be made available, though it’s likely that the Note Edge will command a premium even when compared to the standard Note 4. We’ll be sure to bring you more details about pricing and availability as they hit.