I don’t know how Samsung pulled it off, but some people can’t wait to get their hands on the upcoming 5.3″ smartphone. This has never happened with the Dell Streak which actually has a smaller screen, only 5″, although believe it or not, the Galaxy Note is actually 5mm shorter than the Dell Streak. This speaks volumes about Samsung’s ability to make these devices compared to Dell.

But actually, I do know how Samsung managed to make this huge phone so wanted – and that’s besides being a gorgeous device, having an HD Super AMOLED display, powerful dual core 1.4 Ghz chip.

Bigger = Better

They managed to turn this into a real advantage. I believe everything has advantages and disadvantages, and it depends on how you look at it. But Samsung is really pushing the advantage of having such a large phone and downplaying the disadvantages. They tried to make it as large as possible to maximize your experience with the device, the web, and apps, but while also being able to fit in the pocket.

Not for everyone

I think it’s obvious not everyone will want a 5.3″ phone that looks more like a mini-tablet than an actual phone. This is especially true with people who still think about smartphones as simply phones that they use to call their friends and family. In that case they’ll even argue that they don’t want to look silly putting such a large phone next to their ears.

But to someone who actually wants to take advantage of all the things that an Android smartphone can offer, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantage of occasionally looking weird talking on such a large phone. It’s possible that these people won’t even have to do that very often, because they either don’t talk to much on the phone anymore, or they’ll use the headsets when they’re in public to talk on it.

Drawing & Notes – killer features?

The Galaxy Note has something that no other touchscreen phone currently has – a built-in pen. I know this is not something all users want, but some will be very happy about this, and they’ve probably been waiting for it for a while. These are people who like to take notes using handwriting, like to draw, or are business people who come from PDA’s.

If you want to get this phone, you’ll have to wait a little longer, though. It should come out in UK and Europe in Q1 2012, and will be available in US later in the year.