Samsung Galaxy note

Samsung has announced that it would be pushing back the Android 4.0 update for the Galaxy Note to the second quarter of this year, offering instead a “Premium Suite” of S-note apps that extend the functionality of the S-pen. The official update may be just around the corner (we are now in Q2, after all), but if you can’t wait to get your first bite of ice-cream sandwich goodness on the Galaxy Note, you won’t have wait to any longer, provided you are willing to engage in some good ole ROM flashing.

Courtesy of Rootzwiki, we now have a leak of the official ICS ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note. The leaked ROM has been tested by Rootzwiki’s build testers and they have found that it is fully functional, but, unfortunately, does not include the S-Note Premium Suite, which will likely arrive with the final stable release.

Some of the notable changes in the upgrade include:

  • Samsung Planner has been renamed to Calendar
  • New Samsung Memo widget
  • Calendar widgets include Month, Task, Mini Task, Three day task, Mini Today, Agenda, and Mini Agenda

As with any pre-release ROM, there are minor issues and inconveniences, but they do not take away from the overall experience. Such nuisances include:

  • The build increases the flash counter
  • TouchWiz launcher crashes after the first boot, but not on subsequent re-boots
  • TouchWiz launcher also crashes on adding a Google Play account

These issues will probably be fixed with the final release, which will also likely make the Premium Suite available, but if you want to get your hands on Android 4.0 today, you can download it here. You can find some helpful download instructions here.

With any such installation, there is also a small risk of something going wrong, so only attempt this update if you’re somewhat familiar with the process. After all, a bricked Galaxy Note is nothing more than a very expensive paperweight.