Samsung Galaxy Note

It’s been quite a while since news of an Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy Note phablet – model number GT-N7000 – last came up online. If you recall, back in late November 2012, build N7000XXLSA of the Galaxy Note’s Android Jelly Bean software got leaked online. It subsequently got downloaded and installed by many, even though it isn’t the official version of the software. Now, according to the most recent news report on the subject, it seems that Samsung has finally decided to roll out the software officially. But has it, really?

According to a recent story on Android Geeks that’s based on a news tip from a reader named Novak in Poland, Samsung has already started rolling out the Jelly Bean software update to users of the Galaxy Note through Samsung Kies. However, several Galaxy Note owners have since reported from Poland to let the world know that the highly-awaited software update is actually still not available. It’s not available anywhere else yet either.

There’s no doubt that a lot of people are currently waiting for Samsung to release the official Jelly Bean software update for the Galaxy Note. But since it still isn’t here yet, device owners have no choice but to simply keep waiting some more.

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