We’ve seen leaked and rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo for what seems like months now, but a lot of us won’t ever really get to see the device in person.

Representatives from Samsung confirmed to Android Central and Engadget that it won’t bring the smaller version of the popular phablet to the U.S. or the U.K. The Galaxy note 3 Neo, sometimes called the Galaxy Note 3 Lite, will release in “select countries/regions.” To us that means the phone is destined for emerging markets where inexpensive low- to mid-range phones are the norm. When the device is ready for those markets, Samsung will announce pricing and availability in each one.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo, as the name suggest, is a slightly smaller version of the popular Galaxy Note 3. The phone will likely have a 5.5-inch 720p display, 2GB of RAM, a hexa-core (six-core) Exynos processor, and a 3100 mAh battery. The phone keeps the same design as the Galaxy Note 3, scaling it down to a more manageable size. It also retains the S Pen stylus, which should still be useful on a 5.5-inch device.

While the Galaxy Note 3 Neo won’t make it to the U.S. or the U.K., there are bound to be resellers who will sell you the device should you really want it. If theres enough demand for a phone, there’s always someone willing to import it for you. The only question is are you sure you want to go through the hassle of buying the Note 3 Neo when the Note 3 is readily available on virtually every carrier?

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