Samsung has showed off the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in a unique and charming advertisement where the Note 3’s features are displayed in the form of a pop up scrapbook. The advertisement and indeed the scrapbook itself, follow the adventures of a Galaxy Note 3 user who travelled to London.

The scrapbook, titled “Everyday Wonders”, showcases the Note 3’s features very well, showing off the S Pen’s Air command, Action memo, S Finder and the Multi Window feature found in older Samsung smartphones, but improved upon in the Note 3.

The advertisement ends with the tagline “Galaxy Note 3 in London”, and in the final 10 seconds, demonstrates the Galaxy Gear and its smart relay feature. The scrapbook advertisement also alludes to the fact that the Note 3’s design was in fact inspired by a classic notebook, and a lot of the features showed off had a really nice scrapbook vibe to them, especially the aptly named “scrapbook” feature.

What do you think of the Note 3 and the advertisement?