Samsung certainly took its sweet time with the Galaxy Note 2 release, but once the ball started rolling it was obvious there was no stopping for the second-gen phablet in its road to world domination. The Galaxy Note 2 still has some time to go until it’ll take over the States, but Europe and Asia are already under siege.

The excitement should be at unprecedented heights, especially after seeing some new exclusive features presented, but also a very impressive drop test performed with one of the first ever Note 2 devices sold worldwide.

So, are you excited about the Galaxy Note 2? Do you intend to handle it with care and not abuse it like that crazy Darcy LaCouvee? You do? Then why not head over to Three UK, the first British retailer to release the phablet, and check out its sweet deals?

In theory, you should already be able to purchase the Note 2 from both Three brick and mortar stores across the UK and from the carrier’s official online store. However, at the time of the writing of this article, the online purchasing doesn’t seem to be active.

If you go over to and hit “buy now” after choosing your desired Galaxy Note 2 price plan, but you seem to reach a dead end, you should either try at a physical store near you if you feel like you can’t take the waiting anymore, or wait for the online glitch to be fixed.

Before anything though, try to look closely at all Three price plans and choose the one that fits your needs the best. There’s a very wide variety of choices, starting with a £34 plan that also requires a £69 payment upfront. You can even choose to pay nothing when signing of your 24-month contract, but you will then be asked to cough up £44 each month for two years.

The most lucrative plan for those of you that use their mobile devices frantically seems to be “The One Plan”, which includes all-you-can-eat data, as well as 2,000 minutes, 5,000 texts, and 5,000 Three-to-Three minutes. If that’s your pick, you’ll have to pay £69 upfront, with the next 24 monthly installments going for £36 each.

Finally, there is a pay as you go option as well if you’d like to break free of contract restrictions, but it’s rather pricey, at £499.99 plus a £10 or £15 add-on. All the offers are available for both the Titanium Grey and Marble White versions of the Galaxy Note 2.

We’re pretty sure you know all there is to know about Note 2’s specs and features, but if you’ve been living under one remote rock for the past month or so, you can check out the full spec sheet by clicking here.

Besides Three, all other major British carriers are also expected to start selling Samsung’s new monster by tomorrow, so keep in touch with our website to find out about their offers, too. In the meantime, tell us what do you think of Three’s prices. Are they fair? Will you be going for an off-contract Galaxy Note 2 or one with a 2-year agreement?