galaxy-note-2-n7100 hands on

If you’ve been having bouts of excitement just thinking about the Galaxy Note 2, you don’t have to wait until October 24, which is the launch party of Sammy’s “next big thing” in North America, to know the details of its commercial release in Canada.

Yes, several carriers – like Telus Mobility, Mobilicity, Wind Mobile and others — have already said last month that the Galaxy Note 2 is coming in fall. But that’s not very specific, is it?

If you’re a Telus subscriber, the mobile operator has made the all-important announcement of when it’ll have the phablet up for sale. The date you should be marking down on your calendar is October 30. This means that, no more than a week after its official launch, you can already sport the quad-core smartphone/tablet hybrid.

Apart from the date, Telus hasn’t mentioned the price of the device on contract. We’re sure it’ll be shared soon. Likewise, other Canadian carriers will surely take note of Telus’ move and make their announcement as well.

Are you ready for your date with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at the end of the month? Are you planning to get the 16GB or 32GB model? White or grey?