Although it hasn’t (yet) managed to raise the same amount of hype as the Galaxy S3, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 2 is one of the most awaited and debated Android devices on our radar. Rumors have suggested different unveiling and release dates for the second-generation phablet, and while Samsung is still keeping the mystery intact, things seem to be shaping up for a busy August.

You might remember we talked about a mysterious invite Samsung sent our way last week for a “major announcement and unveiling of the newest Galaxy device”. The event was to take place on August 15, but that date didn’t make nice with earlier speculations, which almost guaranteed Sammy will unveil the Note 2 on August 30, right before IFA’s official start.

At the time, we assumed that only one of the two dates would prove to be the official unveiling event of the Galaxy Note 2. What we didn’t consider was the possibility for the new phone/tablet hybrid to be introduced on August 15 and on August 30.

That’s exactly what the guys over at speculate, without having any conclusive proof however. They claim that the new Note might be unveiled for the US public on the 15th and for the European tech fans on the 30th, which kind of makes sense.

Then again, if Sammy has in fact decided to hold two separate events to unveil the Galaxy Note 2, there’s a good possibility that we’ll be seeing some differences between the two versions of the device. That wouldn’t be so surprising, as we are already used to seeing high-end gadgets in the US coming with dual-core procs and their European counterparts sporting quad-core CPUs. We did hope that the second-edition Note would be an exception to that rule, and that Sammy will find a way to couple its quad-core Exynos platform with US LTE radio, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here after all.

What prevent us from taking today’s rumor for granted, though, is Samsung’s latest track record with US and European release dates. Basically, every Sammy high-end device that has come out in the last couple of years has enjoyed a European release before it has seen the light of day in the US. But if the Note 2 gets unveiled in America before it’s presented in Berlin, won’t it have to start selling stateside first?

No matter how the Note 2’s introduction will go down, we promise to keep our eyes peeled on Samsung over the coming weeks and let you know when anything important will happen. In the meantime, you can check out our rumor roundup from a couple of weeks back to know what to expect from the Note 2. Don’t forget to drop us a comment, too, and let us know if you’re thinking of getting Sammy’s future phablet soon.

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