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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 official promo video released, asks you to do quite a bit of imagining

Coming nicely with the U.S. release of the Galaxy Note 2, Samsung has released an official promo video. The video is just under 2 minutes in length and while Samsung continues with the 'next big thing is here' line, they do a decent job of showing off the perks of this oversized smartphone.
October 25, 2012

We have seen the U.S. release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, though most of the ability to purchase is still in pre-order form at the moment. That bit aside though, in conjunction with the availability to make a purchase, Samsung has offered up an official promo video for the oversized smartphone.

The video brings the line that we have seen before, the claim that the “next big thing is here.” And well, you cannot argue that with a 5.5-inch display — this is a big smartphone. Of course, that is where Samsung tries to make a point. Samsung also asks the question as to whether the Galaxy Note 2 is a phone or a tablet. And just in case you are unsure, Samsung also provides an answer, stating that the Note 2 is the “best of both.”

The video comes in at just under 2 minutes in length and seems to do a nice job highlighting the features. Samsung shows how it could be nice to watch a video on the large screen and then reminds you that you can also send emails, texts and browse the web while watching that video. They also show how you can use the S Pen to write notes and spice up your images and easily share files with other devices as well as some talk about the 8 megapixel camera.

Bottom line, those already curious and interested in the Galaxy Note 2, you may want to skip this video as it may only deepen your desire to own the device.