The big day is finally here! After months of hyping up the next big thing, Samsung has launched the Galaxy Note 2 in Canada. While theoretically the phone is available on most carriers in the country, finding one in stores may prove to be a tricky task.

As announced on the company’s Facebook page, Samsung is apparently still working hard to ship the flagship device to carriers and retail partners. Given its popularity and red-hot demand, expect in-store availability of the Galaxy Note 2 to be rather scarce for the next two weeks.

We can understand if you’re rather frustrated to hear about the news. To avoid more disappointment, it’s best to make some phone calls before you head to the store(s) with the hope of picking one up. If you’re thinking of buying it online instead, here’s what can tell you after our little investigation.

Rogers has the Galaxy Note 2 up on its online store for $200 with a three-year service contract and $699 off-contract. Unfortunately, it doesn’t list the delivery time frame. The phone is offered at the same on-contract price at Bell, though you’ll have to shell out $730 to get it outright. It will be shipped in 6 to 8 days. Meanwhile, TelusWINDVideotron and SaskTel are still showing the Galaxy Note 2 as “coming soon” on their websites. Lastly, the S Pen-equipped phone is offered off-contract only on Mobilicity for $660.

So, have you had any luck finding the Galaxy Note 2 in stores?

Bams Sadewo
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