Samsung Galaxy Note 2

There is a lot to love about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. From its the massive and gorgeous display, to its great built-in software, or even the S Pen. Hey, maybe you just think it is sexy.

While some of these were also present in the OG Note, one of the most unique features making its way over to the Note 2 is known as multi-window. This new software feature allows you to run multiple apps in a split-screen mode, effectively taking multitasking to a whole new level. The only problem is that many European Galaxy Note 2 owners are reporting that the feature isn’t available on their new phablet.

What gives exactly? Normally, you long-press the back key to activate the split mode. Unfortunately, it seems that some international devices are running older firmware that doesn’t include this split-screen multitasking system. Reportedly, if you are running on N7100XXALIK and newer, you should be fine. Those with anything else are left in the dark for now.

Why not get all the phones running the correct firmware before shipping? Now that’s the mystery. It’s very possible that this was just an oversight on Samsung’s part. We also aren’t sure how many shipped devices are affected by this issue.

The good news is that firmware problems should be solvable with a future update, though it’s unclear when such a fix will arrive. Samsung has yet to comment on the issue, at least at the time of this writing. We’ll update this post as we learn more.

For those readers that already have an international Samsung Galaxy Note 2, is multi-window function working properly?

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