One of the ways to protect your smartphone from the prying eyes of others is to set a secure lockscreen; be it with the PIN, pattern, or password lock. But then again, they might not be good enough if you own a Samsung handset running Android 4.1.2, or in this particular case, the Galaxy Note 2.

Terrence Eden has opened our eyes last week about the security flaw on the Note 2 that allows well-informed individuals to bypass the phone’s lockscreen. Now, a similar lockscreen bug has been discovered.

All they have to do is place an emergency call from the lockscreen, enter any bogus number, hit the green dial button, dismiss the error message, and press the back button. That’s all it takes for someone to gain access to your homescreen – albeit only for a split second.

However, his video demonstration shows how those windows of opportunity – considering that the process can be easily repeated over and over again – were more than enough to let him access Google Play, do a Voice Search on a lockscreen disabler app, install and run the app, and ultimately defeat the system.

It took some persistence, but he pulled it off in less than 3 minutes.

Eden has contacted Samsung about the bug and the South Korean said that a software patch should be on its way soon. In the meantime, you may want to be extra careful with where you place your precious phone. Better yet, keep it safe with you at all times.

Bams Sadewo
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