Even with so many new impressively spec’d phablets being leaked or unveiled, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 is still the top “beast” US tech users are craving for. After an excruciatingly long couple of months, the GNote 2 is finally ready to go on sale from all major American carriers, and the pricing and availability puzzles are starting to get solved.

Sprint has been the first to come forward with a release date and official pricing a couple of days ago, and now we can say we have a good idea of what T-Mobile is preparing, too.

While Magenta hasn’t been as friendly to the press as Sprint, a leaked Walmart internal doc has T-Mobile’s GNote 2 at $299 on contract. No surprises there, as we’ve been saying for a while that we’re expecting all carriers to sell the new phablet for the same 300 bucks, but do keep in mind that Walmart is often undercutting official prices.

Also, even if T-Mo’s direct price will prove equal to Walmart’s offer, we’re expecting Magenta to have some mail-in rebate, so you’ll probably be asked to pay at least $350 upfront for the GNote 2 after all.

The leaked photo has pricing details about a bunch of other upcoming T-Mobile phones too, with the LG Optimus L9 being ready to hit Walmart at a measly $0.97 on contract. Finally, the HTC Windows Phone 8X will cost $148, while the Nokia Lumia 810 will go for $99.88 (as if anyone’s interested in those).

Who’s thinking of getting Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy Note 2? How about the LG Optimus L9?