Although it was unveiled a full two weeks ago, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 might still keep us on our toes for a while before actually seeing the light of day. Sammy is still very hush-hush on the phablet’s exact release date, but the latest rumors seem to be pointing towards a European and Asian launch around mid-October and a US release sometime in late November.

While some might have still hoped to see Samsung bring the GNote 2 earlier to the public, a leak from yesterday and an FCC certification spotted today seem to shatter any hopes for a launch scheduled earlier than a month from now.

The news that the Galaxy Note 2 has only now gotten FCC’s clearance might come as a surprise for some, but we know very well that this is a formality which doesn’t necessarily need to be fulfilled before the unveiling of a product.

The GNote 2 spotted over at the FCC carries the model number GT-N7105 and is most likely the international version set to come to Europe and Asia next month. As usual, there aren’t many details and specs revealed by the FCC listing, aside from the connectivity options.

The GT-N7105 lacks US compatible LTE bands, but will come with support for other 4G networks (including UK’s newly launched EE). The rest of the connectivity options are pretty standard, including GSM/GPRS/EDGE at 850 and 1900 MHz and 850 WCDMA/HSPA radios.

You obviously have no reason to panic about this particular version of the GNote 2 lacking US LTE connectivity, as another variant should do its own FCC dance soon. It will however be interesting to see exactly when that model will be granted the necessary certification, as that could be an indication of its own ETA.

Another yet to be answered question is whether there’ll be any technical differences between the international Galaxy Note 2 and the US branded models, as happened in the past with both the first-edition Note and the GS3.

We know that Samsung managed to solve the “compatibility” issues between quad-core Exynos CPUs and LTE radios, so there’s a good chance that we’ll have the exact same Note 2 released worldwide. However, based on a couple of benchmarks from some time ago, there still seems to be a slight performance gap between the GT-N7100 (thought to be the US Note 2) and the GT-N7105 (just about confirmed as being the “international” version). We’re unsure if this means the GT-N7105 will come with a lower clocked processor, but it is one of the things we’ll be keeping an eye on.

We also hope to soon find out more about that juicy Note 2 version with a flexible display supposedly in the works, so you have every reason to keep your eyes stuck on our site for the near future.