Since the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was officially unveiled late last month, phablet-hungry folks have been constantly checking the news for its expected arrival, us included.

We learned yesterday about its American launch on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular – with most of them being only available in October or thereafter. If that just won’t do, you can consider hopping aboard a flight to Italy, as the country seems to get the Galaxy Note 2 much earlier.

As reported by a local tech blog, the Galaxy Note 2 will arrive in Italy on September 28, which is practically a week away from now. The news has been confirmed by Samsung Italia. As for its price, the Note 2 will be offered for €699. You can already order the Galaxy Note 2 online there, such as from this one right here. Notice that the website also listed September 28 as the shipment date.

It’s certainly interesting to see Italy getting the phablet ahead of others in the region, such as Germany – which apparently will only get the Note 2 in mid-October. Perhaps we’ll see the date being moved forward as well.

For our Italian readers, are you ready for some phablet fun at the end of the month?