As one of the most popular smartphones on the planet, the charm of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 extends far beyond the geeky crowds. People from all walks of life and profession can attest to the phone’s awesomeness.

You’ve seen the last commercial that Samsung released for the Galaxy Note 2 a few days back, now there’s a new one that showcases the Note 2’s various features, as told by one New York-based designer Alexander Wang.

The ad takes you through a day in the life of Wang. To sum up, let’s just say that having the power to doodle definitely comes in handy when you’re in the fashion industry.

As a side note, the celebrated designer is working with Samsung on a charity project to raise funds for Art Start by releasing a limited-edition bag. What’s cool is that the design will be taken from crowd-sourced sketches and images using the S Pen-equipped device.

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Bams Sadewo
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