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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 gets priced in Germany and France, could start at €479

Arriving sooner than expected
August 8, 2012

Though everyone expected it to be officially unveiled on August 15 in yet another grand event, Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 10.1 arrived a bit earlier, undercutting our predictions by more than a week.

The 10-incher’s full spec sheet was revealed, along with some rather vague details about availability, but one key piece of information was left out from the official announcement. Samsung mentioned nothing about the Note 10.1’s pricing, leaving us guessing and wondering “what if…”.

However, the pricing details are already beginning to unravel, starting with the German and French markets. Le Journal du Geek, a pretty popular online tech publication over in France, was the first to mention some exact price tags, which happen to sound pretty promising.

If the tech website’s sources prove to be accurate, the 16 GB Wi-Fi only version of the Galaxy Note 10.1 should start selling at €479 in France, while the 3G version will go for €599. These pricing points would fit nicely with our own assumptions from a couple of days ago and would probably translate into $479-$599 prices in the US. Then again, we should take Le Journal du Geek’s claims with a small pinch of salt, as they aren’t based on official information, as far as we can tell.

Over in Germany, however, Samsung has in fact officially announced MSRPs (manufacturer’s suggested retail prices) for the two versions of the Galaxy Note 10.1. These are somewhat different than the suspected French prices, which makes us trust the first ones even less.

The 16 GB Wi-Fi Note 10.1 will hit Germany for €599, while its 3G counterpart with the same amount of on-board storage will cost €100 more. If these prices stick – and we have no reason to think otherwise – we might be seeing the spanking new 10-incher starting selling for as much as $599 stateside, which would not be that hot.

Meanwhile, the only retailer who has actually started selling the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Negri Electronics, is still sticking to that $749.50 price point that seemed obscene at first. Don’t get us wrong, we still think that’s a bit too much to ask for an Android tablet with only 16 GB of internal storage. But looking at how things are shaping up, we’re starting to understand Negri’s “point of view” here.

Do the French and especially German prices make you less excited about the Note 10.1? Would you get one of the new tabs for, say, $600? $500? $400? What about $700?