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Samsung shows off the Galaxy Note 10.1 as an education device

Samsung and the Institute of Play have recently released a new video showing the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet being used as an education device. And as they describe it, using the tablet as "a new way to learn."
October 16, 2012

If you take a look at the website for the Institute of Play you will likely understand why they have been using new technology as education devices. The beginning of the about page starts off by saying how they “design experiences that make learning irresistible.” And well, putting a shiny new tablet in the hands of a student sounds pretty good. Maybe not irresistible, but certainly much more entertaining as compared to learning from a book and a teacher lecture.

This post stems from a video that was recently posted by Samsung Mobile. The video shows how the Institute of Play has been using the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet as an education device. The Institute of Play noted that thanks to Samsung and the GALAXY Note 10.1, they are getting a “glimpse of the incredible impact the Institute’s revolutionary methods are making.” And perhaps more important, “how potentially bright the future is for students everywhere.”

The video is interesting to watch, though on the shorter side at just a little over four minutes in length. To sum this up in a simple form, it sounds a bit like trying to trick the kids into learning. You know, by making learning fun. Listening to the narrator in the video, it almost makes it seem as if the kids are playing a video game and trying to get to the next level.

Of course, while the Institute of Play and the Galaxy Note 10.1 are the subject of this video, it seems to offer a bit of insight into what other students can hopefully look forward to seeing in the future.