One of the main selling points of all Google Nexus branded devices, if not the point, has been the “continuous software support”. We always thought that meant rolling out timely system updates, starting with the major new Android versions, but that doesn’t always translate very well into reality.

Nobody was that “crazy” to think that all North American Samsung Galaxy Nexus versions would get Jelly Bean upgrades in the first month after the new OS version’s release, but surely two and a half months would have been enough to bring the pure Google experience to the GNex, right?

Well, yes and no, because we are now two and a half months away from the unveiling of Jelly Bean at the Google I/O conference, and there are a lot of Galaxy Nexus users still left hanging. The GSM version of the highly popular phone got the official update way back in mid-July, but things slowed to a crawl since then.

Sprint GNex users got their tasty update last week, after a couple of frustrating delays, while Big Red customers are still waiting in line, despite a pre-release version of Jelly Bean getting out at the end of August. Things were even worse in Canada, where no Galaxy Nexus version was officially updated until a few hours ago.

According to various fresh reports flying all around the web, those of you living up North should be filled with excitement by now, as the JB update has begun to roll out to various Galaxy Nexus models. Yeah, that’s right, various models all at once, go figure!

While we don’t exactly have a very detailed and up to date official situation of all the Nexus carrier branded versions in Canada, based on Mobile Syrup user comments it seems that Jelly Bean has started to roll out to Telus, WIND, Fido, Rogers, and Videotron GNex adopters. That leaves only Bell and Sasktel’s devices in the dark, although things could change any moment now.

If you’re living in Canada and own a Galaxy Nexus, but you are yet to receive an automatic prompt message to install the OTA (over-the-air) upgrade, you might want to perform a manual check for system updates. You can do that quickly by accessing the “settings” menu of your phone, and then tapping on “about phone” – “system software updates”, and “check now”. If this doesn’t bring up anything new, you might still be on the waiting list. I’m sure you already had enough waiting, but a couple of extra hours will certainly not hurt you (that much).

Now, if only Samsung got a move on Jelly Bean updates for other devices, too… Who’s got sweet Jelly Bean on his or her Canadian Samsung Galaxy Nexus?