For just about a month now, Samsung and Google (as well as almost every wireless carrier), has kept us all on the edge of our seats about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. After Google and Samsung released the final specifications of the device, they even threw in a rather vague release date. November they said, and now half the month has come and gone without a single “official” word. Although speculators have said that November 17th and December 2nd are the “key” dates, neither company has given any information about the device’s availability in stores and online.

Despite the information above, Engadget reports that the Galaxy Nexus has shown up in the FCC’s pages with Verizon LTE. The picture shows that the Galaxy Nexus will pack a LTE Band 13 (Same as the Droid RAZR), EVDO, CDMA, WiFi, and no NFC?

Although it is not pictured above, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has already been confirmed with NFC capabilities via Google and Samsung

“With Galaxy Nexus you can now easily share contacts, websites, apps, maps, directions and YouTube videos to other people close by. Simply hold two NFC-enabled Android phones close to each other and touch to beam and share”

Although information is still scarce, we will be all over the official Galaxy Nexus release when it happens. Samsung, Verizon, and Google are supposedly cooking up some great commercials that will really get people excited about the first Android 4.0 device.

Source: Engadget