Samsung Muse
Leave it to Samsung to go toe to toe with Apple on everything. Smartphone for smartphone, tablet for tablet, and lawsuit for lawsuit, Samsung and Apple have been going head to head for awhile. Samsung has released a new music player to complete with the iPod Shuffle called the Samsung Galaxy Muse.

It’s true that most would rather just plug their headphones into their phone. However, there are some who don’t want to put their phone in peril. Jogging can result in dropping the device, which doesn’t work out very well for phones. So there is a market out there for the Samsung Galaxy Muse.

So what on Earth is the Samsung Galaxy Muse?

The Samsung Galaxy Muse is a mini MP3 player that syncs to most newer Samsung Galaxy devices. It has touch screen music controls and a small, ergonomic design. You can sync up to 4GB of the music on your Galaxy devices with the MP3 player to use on your jog or your ride into work.

It may not be the most useful device, but it also isn’t the most expensive. Samsung is selling it for $49 on their official website. Will anyone be picking this up for the holidays?

Joe Hindy

Joe Hindy is known as the ‘app guy’ around these parts. He also likes to branch out and talk about a variety of other topics from gaming to TV tech, and more.