The original Samsung Galaxy i5700 Spica ran Android 1.5, which by today’s standards seems like an ancient version of Android and one we can hardly remember. There were strong hopes that the Spica would receive an update to Android 1.6 a couple of months ago, but this never materialised.

Now, in a giant leap Samsung are upgrading the Spica in Poland to Android 2.1. The information comes from Polish based They claim that Samsung Poland itself has confirmed this information and if this is the case Polish Spica users can start getting very exciting. Unfortunately there is no word on this update for those outside of Poland at the moment, but the upgrade will most likely roll out accordingly throughout the rest of the world shortly afterwards. Polish users can expect the update to take place during the second quarter of 2010.

It would be very nice to see the larger Samsung Galaxy i7500 upgraded too, but at the moment there are no rumors or plans for such an improvement. If it were to take place, it would most likely happen using the Samsung Kies software suite  available through the Samsung Apps application store. Indeed, this is how the Spica is thought to receive its alleged update.