Galaxy Fame

We didn’t think Samsung’s “fame” needed a boost, but the Koreans decided to argue with us and unveiled the Galaxy Fame last week, along with the new G Young. There was nothing really special about the low-end duo, but, with price points kept under wraps, we could think only about how cheap Jelly Bean would get.

In the meantime, while we’re yet to hear something on the pricing front, we’ve at least found out the handheld’s first halt to… well, fame. All aboard, next stop Three UK! Britain’s number four carrier is unfortunately hush-hush on the exact release date, so all we know at this time is that the Galaxy Fame is “coming soon”.

We’re not usually ones to speculate, but we don’t think Three will keep people on their toes for long. After all, there’s only so much hype you can build around a 3.5-incher Galaxy S3 lookalike with a 480 x 320 pixels resolution display.

I’d also put serious money (if I had any) on the Fame being free of charge with contracts and £150 max on Pay as you go. Now if only the phone would have other aces up its sleeve besides the on-board Android 4.1 and NFC. Or at least more than 512 MB of RAM. Oh, well, I guess you could do worse than that, right?