Rumors of a “premium” version of the Galaxy S5 have been circulating from the beginning of the year. Known as Galaxy F or Galaxy S5 Prime, this device is supposedly bringing a Quad HD screen, a faster processing package, and a premium finish to the tried and tested Galaxy S recipe.

Now what appears to be a press render could give us the first clear look at the premium S5, or as @evleaks calls it, the “supposed Galaxy F.”

At a glance, we notice the chromed frame around the device (similar with another set of alleged images of the S5 Prime/F) and the brushed finish of the back cover, which may be actual metal or a textured plastic similar to the LG G3. Samsung is no stranger of brushed metal textures – it used a very similar finish on the plastic Ativ S Windows Phone.

The camera, flash, and heart rate monitor on the back seem identical to the Galaxy S5’s, but the front camera is on a different position, just to the right of the ear piece grille.

We have some reservations about the authenticity of this image; the dotted render of the screen seems at odds with Samsung’s typical press shots, especially for a device that’s supposed to be super high res. And there’s the date, which coincides with the launch date of the Galaxy S5 at MWC in February – could this be a render prepared for what was supposed to be a simultaneous release of both versions, as some rumors suggested?

Regardless of the authenticity of this image, we are fairly sure that Samsung will introduce a new version of the Galaxy S5 sometime this month. It remains to be seen if this device is everything the rumor mill made it to be; even a premium Galaxy S5 will have some strong competition in the LG G3 and the Oppo Find 7, but that’s great news for us users.