Releasing a mid-range phone with on-board Ice Cream Sandwich in November 2012 wasn’t exactly Samsung’s smartest move, but at least the Koreans are making amends to Galaxy Express buyers relatively fast.

The Express is officially getting Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on AT&T, with the software update apparently rolling out over-the-air “beginning today”. Naturally, we advise you to employ the usual patiently wait and see tactic, meaning if you don’t get the bump immediately don’t hang yourself by your shoelaces in front of the local AT&T store.

Instead, a more constructive way of spending your time between now and when you actually do get the upgrade might be checking for it manually by tapping Applications – Settings – About Device – Software Update – Check for Updates.


Needless to say your 4.5-inch WVGA Galaxy Express will hugely benefit from the JB bump, being pretty much built to support more advanced versions of Android than 4.0. The dual-core 1.5 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM should feel zippier than ever with the help of Project Butter performance enhancements, not to mention the side goodies (like Google Now) that 4.1 will bring to the table.

Easy Mode and Blocking Mode are two of the added features that AT&T has chosen to focus on in the official blog post announcing the update’s rollout. The former targets first-time smartphone users and is basically a very simple home screen setup with large, essential widgets, while the latter allows you to disable notifications and alarms for a specific period of time.

The Galaxy Express has been very recently released in parts of Europe with Jelly Bean out the box, so in a way you could say AT&T’s upgrade was imminent. Not that it makes it less special in any way. Am I right or am I right?