Samsung Galaxy Camera

Last weekend we reported that Samsung had outed a Verizon LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Camera. Shortly after the accidental reveal, Samsung pulled the product page that listed the Verizon model of the camera. Now we have official word from Big Red that the Samsung Galaxy Camera with 4G LTE is in fact on its way, and will arrive on December 13th.

Except for the addition of LTE support, the Verizon version will essentially have the same specs as the AT&T model. This includes a 4.8-inch display, 21x optical zoom, 16MP lens, optical image stabilization and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Like the AT&T version, you will also have full access to the Google Play store.

This kind of device could be perfect for those that like the idea of taking pictures and quickly uploading them to the cloud. It is also ideal for those that will be traveling light and want a quick, easy way to edit photos on the fly.

So how much does the Verizon version of the Galaxy Camera cost? The camera will set you back $549.99 and will come in white or the Verizon-only “Cobalt Black”. Additionally, for a limited time you can add a data plan for just $5 a month. The only catch is that you must already have a “Share Everything” account with Verizon.

So how about it, are you interested in getting an LTE-equipped Galaxy Camera?

Andrew Grush

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