After Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Camera last October, we quickly learned that the hybrid device will land on American shores via AT&T. In fact, it’s already on sale now for a princely sum of $500, though it’s offered without a contract.

If you are less than impressed with AT&T’s decision to offer the Galaxy Camera only with HSPA+ speed, you may want to hold off from getting the device, for an LTE-equipped Galaxy Camera has been spotted paying FCC a visit.

The FCC filing reveals that the LTE radio on the Jelly Bean-powered camera will run on the 700MHz spectrum, or the one Verizon uses. It’s looking very likely that the Galaxy Camera in 4G LTE flavor will be heading to Big Red. It’s just a matter of when.

Before Verizon makes it official, you can use the time to ponder on some more whether you really need the extra speed that the EK-GC120 model will offer. After all, there’s a good chance that the Galaxy Camera LTE will come with a higher price tag than the AT&T variant. We’ll keep you posted.

Bams Sadewo

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