Samsung Galaxy Camera

We’ve known about the Samsung Galaxy Camera for a while now. The idea of an Android-based camera might not appeal to all types of users but it could be perfect for people who take a lot of pictures. The Galaxy Camera also offers a way to upload your photos and videos on the fly without having to hook an external camera to a laptop or other device to do it.

In order to truly create an Android camera that can do everything from taking the picture to uploading it, mobile broadband needs to be present. Samsung has already ensured us that 3G and 4G versions are coming, but under which carriers? We might now have our answer, thanks to the FCC.

Samsung Galaxy Camera

Every device that comes to the United States must first make its way through FCC approval. The good news is that this often gives us a way to get an early look at extra features and options coming to new gear and gadgets. The FCC filings for the Samsung Galaxy Camera point to two different names, the EK-GC100 and EK-KC100. Both models seem to have HSPA-based 3G on 850MHz and 1900MHz bands, which is exactly what is used by AT&T and several Canadian carriers. There is no mention of LTE in the filing, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t coming, it just is absent here.

We may not know much more than we did before, but at the very least it seems that the Samsung Galaxy Camera is set to arrive on AT&T. For the moment, it’s hard to say which other carriers might get the new Android camera.

Are you interested in getting the Galaxy Camera or are you perfectly happy with using your existing smartphone or even a standard digital camera?