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Samsung reportedly planning to release folding tablet in early 2015

If a new report out of South Korea is to be believed, Samsung may release a folding tablet in early 2015.
June 9, 2014

For years now we’ve been hearing about flexible, bendable and foldable displays. We have been told that these types of displays have the potential to open up the door to new form factors, and there have been all sorts of demos showing displays that twist, bend and turn to extremely tight radii. And yet the only products to actually integrate any of this tech have been modest devices like the Samsung Galaxy Round and the LG G Flex.

The good news is that we may be closer to a flexible revolution than ever before, at least if a new report out of Korea proves correct. Reportedly Samsung is gearing up for the eventual release a folding tablet that features an 8 to 9-inch OLED full HD display that can be folded twice into a much smaller smartphone-sized form factor. As you can imagine, such a device is likely to be very bulky, but there’s still a lot of potential here.


Okay, but when we’ll we see such a product released commercially? Prototypes of the device are already said to exist, with the company working hard to take things to the next (commercial oriented) stage. If all goes as planned, such a product could allegedly make its way to the market in early 2015.

Of course even if it debuts in early 2015 we imagine such a device will initially be very costly and will probably be limited to South Korea and a few other select marks — just like with the first-gen Galaxy Round. It’s also unclear how well Android would work with such a design either and Samsung would likely need to custom-tailor a few of its apps to best take advantage of the folding design.

What do you think, interested in the idea of a folding Samsung tablet/phone hybrid? Conversely, do you feel such an idea is more of a gimmick and not necessarily something everyday consumers want or need?