samsung flexible tablet render

A render based on a recent patent application shows us what a future Samsung tablet with a flexible screen might look like.

Samsung has been teasing us with its Youm line of flexible displays for a while now, most recently on the stage of CES, where we were shown a phone with a flexible screen that wraps on its side, acting like a smart bezel. But that display was encased under a rigid layer of glass, which took away much of the excitement.

How about a real bendable device, that you can fold, roll, or bend? While we’re, sadly, no closer to something palpable in this direction, we do have something to whet your appetite for bendy gadgets.

samsung flexible tablet render 2
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This render based on a recent patent application from Samsung was sent to Mobileleaks, along with a set of specs that we are almost sure are made up. Still, the render is interesting, and given the correspondence with the diagram we saw in the patent, it might be realistic as well.


For the record, Samsung has been experimenting with foldable displays for a while. Check out this demo from 2009, courtesy of The Register.

The main problem with this tech was the fact that the area where the screen folds tended to lose brightness after repeated bending. For Samsung to make bendable gadgets a reality, it has to solve that issue.

In related news, LG is apparently trying to steal Samsung’s thunder in the flexible display department. The second largest Korean phone maker just unveiled a new flexible display at SID, and claimed that a smartphone incorporating it would hit the market later this year.