Just minutes after LG issued a press release announcing it would start mass producing flexible panels, the crosstown rivals at Samsung struck back with their own official announcement.

Samsung announced that it has already started mass-producing flexible panels, and that, unlike its competitor, it will release a commercial product equipped with the display “within days”. That’s another official confirmation that a curved screen phone will be launching this week, after the statements of two company executives in September.

Not only is Samsung outpacing LG when it comes to manufacturing, but Samsung’s flexible display seems to be superior in terms of specifications. The 5.7-inch plastic-based display is 0.12 millimeters thick, more than three times thinner than the 0.44 millimeters of the LG product. Samsung’s display is also lighter, at 5.2 grams, compared to the 7.2 grams of the slightly larger 6-inch LG display.

Finally, while LG’s flexible panel can bend around a circle of a 700 millimeters radius, Samsung’s product has a 400 millimeters bend radius. In other words, Samsung’s display can bend more than LG’s without breaking.

We will update this post with the official press release as soon as we receive it.