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After surpassing Nokia in smartphone sales on its home turf, Samsung is set to make yet another bold move in Finland. As shown by an older job posting and later confirmed by a company representative, Samsung aims to open a new Research and Development center in middle-June, in Finland.

Located in the southern part of Finland, right near Helsinki, Espoo is most likely to be the location of the new R&D institute, which will open its doors on June 13th, as reported by Engadget. While the official name is yet to be confirmed, Samsung’s job posting hunts for a talented Director to conduct and manage business in the new Samsung Electronics Research Institute, otherwise known as SERI.

Supposedly, the leading Android manufacturer is looking to create a place where software engineering in telecommunications as well as research in audio-visual, will excel. Finland may be the ideal place to do this, especially after Samsung signed a partnership with the country’s VTT Technical Research Center to explore energy optimization solutions.

Finland, the home country of Nokia, is well known for highly-skilled workers in the telecommunications domain. After Nokia lost its ground to Apple and Samsung, the Nordic country also attracted Huawei, which hopes to open an R&D center of its own in the upcoming period.

With so many worthy companies present in the region, is hard to say how Nokia will manage to prevent its most talented people from migrating to more successful adversaries.

Alex Serban
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