With the financial state of most OEMs involved in the Android décor being rather gloomy, you can always count on one company to deliver the goods and rake in the big cheese – Samsung. The Koreans have just officially posted their financial results for Q4 2012, wrapping up what’s been a tremendous year for the “Galaxy”.

As expected, all’s ended well for Sammy in 2012, with the estimates from a couple of weeks back matched and even surpassed. Starting off with the most impressive number of all, the company’s consolidated operating profit for the quarter has been of 8.84 trillion won, or $8.27 billion.

That’s up from 8.06 trillion in Q3 2012 and 4.67 (!!!) trillion in Q4 2011. Or, if you prefer, a 9% increase compared with last quarter and a whopping 89% growth year-on-year. As far as actual sales are concerned (or revenue), Samsung has brought in 56.06 trillion won ($52.45 billion) between October and December 2012, up from 52.18 trillion in the previous three months and 47.30 in the final quarter of 2011.


We’re certain we’re soon going to run out of metaphors and superlative adjectives to describe Samsung’s current financial state, so let’s move on. To the summed up numbers for 2012. Which, you guessed it, are unbelievable.

The overall operating profit has been of 29.05 trillion won (a little over $27 billion), up from 15.64 trillion in 2011. Meanwhile, the total revenue has hit 201.1 trillion won, or $188.14 billion. Needless to say that 2012 has been the greatest year in Samsung’s history, in profits and total revenue alike, with both of those numbers ruthlessly crushing the previous records.

Now, for the part we’re all most interested in – Samsung’s mobile division. Which, as usual, has been on the up and rise, with 27.23 trillion won raked in Q4 2012 sales. That’s a 4% increase compared with the previous fiscal quarter, when Samsung “only” earned 26.25 trillion won through its mobile branch. Also, it’s a staggering 58% growth year-on-year, with 17.18 trillion won earned in mobile in Q4 2011.

Samsung sales

Of course, for the overall results to look as good as they did Samsung needed its other departments to perform as well, which they unsurprisingly did. The consumer electronics branch brought in 13.95 trillion won in sales (up from 11.60 in Q3, but down from 14.11 in Q4 2011), while the semiconductor business was stable (9.59 trillion won, slightly up from 9.17 year-on-year).

The only minor disappointment was the display panel division, where sales were down from 8.55 trillion won in Q4 2011 and 8.46 in Q3 2012 to 7.75 in the last quarter.

Getting back to the mobile business, we should mention that Samsung has pinpointed the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 and Note 10.1 as the three gadgets with the highest demand at the end of last year. There’s also the usual caution going in the first quarter of a new year, when smartphone and tablet demand are “to decrease QoQ due to weak seasonality”. But can anyone stop Sammy from growing even at the start of a year, where people are usually less interested in buying new products?

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