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Deal: Samsung Fast Charge chargers from $5.99 this weekend

Right now there are Samsung Fast Charge chargers available at rock bottom prices on Facebook Marketplace.
March 8, 2019
Samsung Fast Charge Travel Charger USB-C

Powering up quickly is a right, not a privilege. Fast Charge is nothing new, but you’re painfully reminded of the old days when you’re forced to use a normal charger. You want your battery boost in minutes, not hours.

If you need a new Fast Charge charger, or even a spare for the office or your school bag, you’re in luck. Dailysteals is offering big savings on Samsung Fast Charge chargers with both Micro-USB and USB-C connections this weekend via Facebook Marketplace.

Samsung Fast Charge travel charger (Micro-USB)

Samsung Fast Charge Travel Charger Micro-USB

This compact Samsung travel charger comes with a five-foot Micro-USB cable. You can use it as a normal USB charger from your laptop, but the wall adapter allows you to benefit from the rapid-juicing delights of Fast Charge.

The manufacturer’s list price of $39.99 might be a bit fanciful, but then this is Samsung we’re talking about. Anyway, this promotion lets you pick one up for just $5.99.

You can never have too many chargers lying about, especially if, like me, you often forget to charge overnight and only realize at work the next day. If you want to pick up a two-pack of these chargers, you can save a little more at only $11.99.

The button below takes you to this Facebook Marketplace deal.

Samsung Fast Charge travel charger (USB-C)

Samsung Fast Charge Travel Charger USB-C

If your device has a USB-C connection instead, you can find yourself shorter of charging options than your friends. Still, at least it’s not an iPhone.

Almost the same deal is available from Dailysteals on a Samsung Fast Charge travel charger with a USB-C connection. This one is a buck more at $6.99 for one charger — $12.99 for the two-pack — but it’s still a damn good saving.

Both these chargers are brand new and come with a 30-day warranty. If you want to check out the USB-C Fast Charger deal on Facebook Marketplace then hit the button below.

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