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"The Samsung Facebook": Samsung rumored to build it's own social network (denies all)

June 14, 2012

Samsung is apparently not happy to be one of the most important electronic device makers on the planet, without having its own social network, and it looks like the company is already working on such a project, dubbed internally “Samsung Facebook.”

The Korea Times reports that Samsung will launch its yet unnamed social network at some point in the first quarter of 2013, and that the product is meant to work across a variety of devices, made by Samsung and by other companies:

To allow users to access the social networking service from anywhere, at anytime and on any device, Samsung plans to integrate it with Amazon’s cloud computing platform. The company has yet to decide on a name for the service.

Samsung’s Facebook-rival is being built on top of the company’s Family Story app which currently allows users to share photos and messages. Once it’s launched, it should work on smartphones, tablets, television sets, and even cameras and Blu-ray players. The service will be available for free to anyone interested in signing up for yet another social network, but will it be compelling enough for users to immediately adopt it?

The social networking environment is dominated by Facebook and Twitter, services that are already integrated in most mobile devices. Google’s own Google+ is trying to catch up, and while it has an increasing number of registered users, existing reports are saying that the level of interaction in Google+ is nowhere near Facebook’s.

Before you get too excited about a “Samsung Facebook” social network, you’ll have to know that Samsung has flat out denied the service on its blog. Here is the full statement:

There have been inquiries and a few articles claiming that Samsung Electronics is going to offer a Facebook-like service, being developed under a code-name called ‘Samsung Facebook.’ However this is not true and the rumor is groundless.
‘Family Story’ has been available since February 2012 on Samsung Smart TVs, Smartphones, Tablets and the web*. This service, like its name, is a family-oriented convergence service that focuses on sharing and storing families’ special moments.
It is true that we currently are working on upgrading ‘Family Story’ as we always thrive to provide consumers with enhanced experiences, but this is far from a “Samsung Faceboook” as some are claiming it to be.

However, this wouldn’t be the first time a company denies rumors regarding a potential product only to launch some version of that rumored product in the future.

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