How would you like to get a new wave of Android devices from Samsung next year? Not official, though, but very likely. Samsung higher-ups flew in from Korea to meet in Silicon Valley late this week to discuss ways on finally grabbing Apple’s market share by 2012. You would think that the battle between Samsung and Apple is over, after the heat from the news of Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung and the latter’s countersuit has dissipated somewhat. But no–you can expect more skirmishes in the coming months as Samsung preps its battle plan against Apple.

The meeting didn’t explicitly mention Android, but being the strongest and most viable contender OS against Apple’s iOS, it has the greatest chance of becoming the OS of choice for Samsung’s new gadgets.

Samsung intends to build more muscle for the tablets game, with display technology as a main focus of their strategy. The company recently announced at SID 2011 their high-resolution (2560×1600) LCD display screen, and Samsung plans to squeeze this high-density display into a tablet by 2012 but with less of the strain that such a hi-res display can place on a CPU. Samsung is currently talking to CPU and GPU providers to strike a deal for a processor with enough juice to drive such a high-resolution display.

Display technology was also the major focus as far as the smartphones game is concerned. Samsung plans to boldly go where no Apple has gone before, or will ever go–dual-screen phones. These are not new, what with Kyocera Echo debuting the first dual touchscreen and Nintendo DS succeeding at a dual-screen game console. Learning from the shortcomings of Kyocera Echo, Samsung just might produce a product to penetrate dual-screen space.

Samsung, undoubtedly, is bent on taking over Apple’s place in eating the lion’s share in the market. Will it succeed this time or not?

Sources: AndroidCommunity and SlashGear