Samsung has begun sending members of the press invitations to an event that’s scheduled to take place on October 11th in Frankfurt, Germany. The invite, which is in German, says:

“Ready for a little sensation? Be there when something small makes a big impact.”

So what exactly does that mean? Earlier today we reported on an unannounced Samsung smartphone called the Galaxy Music. According to the rumors, said device has a 3 inch screen, which makes it incredibly tiny, but it’s also supposed to feature front facing speakers. Small phone, big sound, do you think we’re onto something here?

As for the event itself, October 11th, that takes place on a Thursday, just a little over two weeks from now. It’s going to be held at Samsung’s Mobile Store, which you can see in the video above. The store itself only opened earlier this month.

Other than that … there’s not much else we can report, so let’s speculate: This Galaxy Music device will probably have both the Google Play Store and Samsung’s own Music Hub installed. Will having two music stores confuse consumers? Definitely. But then there’s the whole third party streaming portion of the equation. Services like Spotify have taken over the continent, so will Samsung try to partner with them?

Assuming the rumors about the Galaxy Music are true, the phone is going to be deafening, and it’s going to be cheap, which means it’ll soon be in the hands of millions of children around the world. Is Samsung trying to purposefully piss off those of us who depend on public transportation to get around? Probably not, but we can’t help but be a little scared at what a smartphone specifically designed to burst ear drums is going to do to our collective sanity.

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