With Ice Cream Sandwich out for ten months already, most Android users have hoped that, by now, they’d be able to taste the new OS on pretty much any mid-range or high-end device. But when talking about a phone launched in May 2011 with Froyo on-board, it’s pretty obvious that an ICS upgrade would be out of the question.

Samsung’s Droid Charge unfortunately met those expectations. The device was left out of the Android 4.0 upgrade mix, which caused many users to avoid the 4.3-incher. For those that did stick with the phone, there might be some good news soon, as a new software update should roll out in a matter of days.

The OTA upgrade won’t bring ICS to your Droid Charge, but, based on the changelog published by Verizon, it will actually be pretty substantial. Among the changes that the new i510.FP5 software package will bring to the table, the ones that deserve your attention are an “updated user interface”, and a bunch of bug fixes and general performance enhancements.

“Improved call clarity” is another tweak that sounds exciting in theory (though it might not be very noticeable in reality), while the removal of the BitBop preloaded app should free up some space on your phone’s internal memory.

The system update, which “weighs” in at 19.3 MB, should have already hit your device. If you haven’t gotten a prompt message to install the new software package, you might want to reboot your phone and ensure you have a steady network connection. If that doesn’t help either, just give it some time. After all, you did put up with an aging UI and numerous bugs for this long, so a couple more days won’t make that much of a difference.

We’re particularly curious as to how Verizon and Samsung have tweaked the Charge’s user interface, so if you have been hit by the update bug already, please let us know how the new UI looks. How about the phone’s general performance?