It’s been a good year for Samsung, and there’s more new good news for the world’s top smartphone manufacturer. According to research conducted by Millennial Media, a mobile advertising company, Samsung has doubled its share of the Android market in the last 12 months.

Samsung held a 23% share of the market in Q3 2011, with HTC holding the top spot with 32%. However, over the past year HTC and Motorola saw their shares halve, and LG has also suffered a large drop as well. Samsung has seen itself leap to the front of the market, with its share doubling by the third quarter of 2012 to a total of 46% of the Android market. There was also a 125% increase in the market share of other manufacturers besides the big four, which is an interesting development.

android chart 2012

With Android overtaking iOS as the most common smartphone platform and the news that Samsung are by far the largest manufacturer in the Android market, it’s no wonder that the company is posting outstanding profits this year. This has no doubt been down to the success of their flagship devices, with the Galaxy S3 and Note 2 selling really well. In my opinion though, the other half of Samsung’s success has been their direct approach when it comes to challenging the previous smartphone kingpin, Apple.

The Galaxy series of smartphones were designed to directly compete with the quality, technical prowess and, probably most importantly of all, the public perception of Apple handsets. This is where Samsung’s success really lies, they’ve managed to persuade consumers that there are alternatives to iOS, and that there are handsets on the Android platform which are far more desirable as the iPhone.

But what does the future hold for Samsung; can they continue this success into 2013? Well if the Galaxy S4 turns out to be as popular as the previous Galaxy phones, then other Android manufacturers are really going to have to pick up the pace if they want to keep up.

Do you think Samsung can reach over 50% market share sometime next year?