The greatest bane of any businessperson on the go is their portable device suddenly running out of juice in the middle of nowhere. This dependence on electricity may not seem a big deal in our mostly electrified world. But for a person on the move, sometimes a place to plug in and charge your batteries is a luxury. Well, these people should have one less thing to worry about soon. Samsung is on the case and they are promising better batteries for their smartphones this year.

Samsung Electronics has set for itself a goal that their smartphone releases this year would have a longer than normal battery life. Their main aim is to be able to Samsung phones that would be able to deliver their high performance even after an entire day of average use. This is an impressive promise considering smartphones are known to be such power hogs, with their constant need for 4G bandwidth and bigger screens.

Smartphone manufacturers have already realized this need. Motorola recently released their Droid Razr Maxx, a modified Droid Razr that boasted a rather larger battery. Samsung is aiming to follow in their footsteps.

They won’t just be going for a bigger-is-better approach though. Samsung will also take steps to optimize their devices’ power consumption – namely in making it smarter in its electricity needs. A more conservative approach in 4G network searching – lessening the power draw of the 4G radio. Other options are also being discussed.

Kevin Packingham, Vice President of Product Innovation at Samsung, sees this year as the Samsung’s time to polish up their releases after last year’s successful debuts. Optimized battery life is just the beginning of the improvements that company is hoping to implement.

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