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Samsung to close its desktop PC business? Not so fast

Samsung shot down “groundless rumors” about the shuttering of its desktop PC business, spurred by a recent report in Korean media.
June 25, 2013

Samsung Electronics is making a huge variety of devices, from MP3 players to refrigerators, and that’s not counting the products of other companies from the Samsung group. Among this myriad of products, Samsung manufactures several desktop computer models, including All-in-One models and the only Chromeboxes currently available on the market.

Yesterday, the Korea Times, a website that often delivers insider information on the plans of Samsung, LG, and other Korean technology companies, wrote that Samsung is going to close down its desktop PC business. Instead, Samsung was said to focus on tablets and all-in-one laptops, like the recently announced Samsung Ativ Q, a convertible device that runs both Windows 8 and Android.

At the same event where the Ativ Q was unveiled (along with the Android-powered Galaxy NX MILC), Samsung announced the Ativ One, a snazzy all-in-one desktop PC running Windows. So why would the Korean tech mammoth announce a device that is dead on arrival?

While the reasons provided by the Korea Times for the shuttering of the desktop PC business seem to hold water (PC making isn’t profitable anymore,  mobile is killing the desktop, Samsung would be better off focusing resources on the fast growing tablet and convertible laptop segments), the Korean company has come out to refute the report as baseless:

[quote qtext=”The rumor that Samsung is withdrawing from the PC desktop business is groundless. Samsung will continue to offer diverse PC products according to consumer and market needs.” qperson=”Samsung” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

In other words, Samsung’s desktop PCs are here to stay. At least for now. Though we can’t help thinking that, with more power being crammed into mobile devices every day, it’s only a matter of time until this “groundless rumor” becomes a reality.

For Chrome OS fans, this also means that, at least for the close future, they have nothing to worry about the Chromebox being discontinued.