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Without a doubt, careful design considerations can greatly influence the success of modern mobile technology. Samsung wants you to know the efforts they have taken in designing their latest hardware and will be showing it all off on a new website dedicated to the task. will go live next week, but the Korean tech giant has put out a little teaser video to get you in the mood.

Samsung is set to begin sales of a handful of devices in the next few weeks, including their flagship smartphone the Galaxy S5 and the Gear 2 smartwatch. The Galaxy S5 in particular takes on a different materials design than we’re accustomed to seeing from Samsung products. The back cover has a perforated leather steering wheel look to it that reminds me of my original Nexus 7 tablet. If the materials comparison with the Nexus 7 goes beyond looks, the dimpled backing should provide the Galaxy S5 a comfortable feel with solid non-slip performance.

I, for one, am interested in learning if Samsung’s design philosophy is as a classic Italian sports car sculptor, prioritizing style and sex appeal over form and function, or, if as modern German engineers, they let the wind tunnel dictate the design. What I really mean is, does the S5 have a 5.1-inch display because Samsung thinks it will fit our hands the best, or is its size just for the sex appeal?

Samsung Design Philosophy

The site goes live on March 27 – are you excited to dive a little deeper into what makes Samsung tick?

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