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Last weekend a new rumor surfaced claiming that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would not follow the Galaxy S4’s design language. Just a few days after that, images popped up supposedly showing off this new look. Now we hear word that the images do in fact show a prototype device, just not a new one.

According to an insider source reporting to SamMobile, what @evleaks claimed as a new design prototype was in fact a developer prototype of the Galaxy S4. The insider went so far as to provide an image of his own developer unit (shown below), which seems to match what we saw a few days ago. Can’t say we are too terribly surprised, as there were many who felt that the images ‘leaked’ were likely just a developer case and not the final design.


While the @evleaks Samsung design language images might not be the real deal, that doesn’t mean Samsung isn’t actively considering a design change. Again, we really can’t say one way or another until we have some solid information to go on.

What do you think of this prototype, are you disappointed to find it is merely an old prototype unit or not really surprised at all?

Andrew Grush
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