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Put on your thinking caps and sit down in your thinking chair. Samsung has just launched a new contest that aims to bring in ideas about what to do with their flexible displays. The winner of the contest gets $10000 while second and third place take home $5000 and $2500 respectively. The idea behind the contest is really quite simple. People are to design a device that they believe could best make use of Samsung’s new flexible display technology.

Here’s how the contest works. It lasts until August 29 (roughly 2 weeks) and involves people submitting not just a design, but a whole business plan that revolves around it. The contest rules are:

  • Flexible display is a key part of your product – It needs to be a product that cannot possibly exist without flexible screens. So no smartphones with a flex screen. It has to be something totally unique and original.
  • Plan feasibility – What Samsung wants here is a product that can be marketed to a large audience. Something that could be pitched to venture capitalists with successful results.
  • Timeline abstractions – All this means is calculate any unknown time intervals (like the arrival of prototype parts) with an abstracted timeline.
  • Cost Assumptions – People are to focus on the value of their product, not how much it costs.

It really is a pretty nifty idea and puts the innovation in the hands of us, the people. Samsung hopes to generate some great ideas from their audience on things they can use this new technology for. As Tech News Today posited in a recent podcast, it may be because Samsung has no idea what they want to use this display for. Hence the contest to help crowd source ideas. It’s definitely possible.

It’s also worth it to read the official rules if you intend on giving this a shot. More specifically, this passage:

By submitting an Entry, Contestant grants to Samsung the irrevocable, royalty-free right to use all or a portion of the submitted materials, along with the Contestant’s name, company name, trademarks and logos, in any promotional materials produced by Samsung. Further, Samsung will have the right to otherwise use and disclose any submitted material in connection with the Contest. The foregoing grants shall apply in perpetuity or to the maximum extent permissible under applicable law.

So realize that whether you win or lose, Samsung now owns your idea. If that doesn’t bother you at all, you can find all the details of the contest on their official website. Will anyone be participating?

Joe Hindy
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