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Samsung is reportedly going after big corporate clients with customized phones, in a bid to secure new revenue sources.

Facing the inevitable saturation of developed markets and fierce price-based competition from smaller players in emerging markets, the Korean giant is looking towards business-to-business (B2B) deals as a source of growth for the coming years.

According to the Korea Times, Samsung wants to win the business of large multinational corporations such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or FedEx. To attract global players, Samsung is ready to develop devices that are customized for each partner.

“Simply put, delivery systems in those companies could be effectively controlled by our customized devices,” stated an unnamed Samsung official to the Korea Times. Personnel could use Samsung solutions to check inventories and schedules or to log in to secure corporate networks.

In a bid to make its Android devices more attractive to companies, Samsung has been rolling out its Knox security suite to its high-end smartphones and tablets. Knox provides a secure environment that companies can use to give employees access to sensitive resources, without having to issue new devices.

For Samsung, devices are likely just a stepping stone to the very lucrative mobile device management. “Selling just smartphones and tablets can’t guarantee margin sustainability. The B2B business will give us a good chance to get into mobile device management” said the company executive.

Samsung’s move comes as more big companies are abandoning BlackBerry solutions, longtime a staple of the enterprise world. The Canadian company’s future is uncertain, prompting corporate clients to look for alternatives. Samsung is competing here with Apple, who has a solid foothold in enterprise already, and to a lesser extent, with Microsoft.

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